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Fibroid Surgeries in Guyana

Dear Friends,

Moved by the suffering of needy female patients with uterine fibroids, an international team of SSIO doctors, surgeons and volunteers have held surgical camps in Guyana for several years. Supported by the Government of Guyana and the Ministry of Public Health, the on-going Fibroid Project has successfully completed over 140 uterine fibroid and 5 urological surgeries since 2013.

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during childbearing years. In 2019, 22 uterine fibroid surgeries were performed with a 100% success rate.

The project was approved by the Ministry of Health and treatment was given in a public hospital, the New Amsterdam Hospital, over an eight-day period from 24th February to 1st March 2019. The SSIO’s medical team was assisted by 4 local doctors and nurses.

SSIO doctors also donated medical supplies to the local hospital and saw other patients.

A member of the SSIO’s medical team also gave talks on health issues to members of the public at the Shree Krishna Mandir, in Berbice, where 80 grocery hampers and clothes were also distributed to the under-privileged.

With best regards, 

Anupom Ganguli, Ph.D.
Chairman, Media Committee
Sathya Sai International Organisation