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February 2020 Updates

Dear Envirocare Coordinators and Go Green Champions,

Update from the Environmental Sustainability Committee

The new Environmental Sustainability Hub on aims to inspire and educate, and is home to a range of resources, from insights to numerous practical tips and advice on leading a more sustainable lifestyle at home, in your Sathya Sai Centre and in the wider community. There are lots of resources you can share with your family and friends.

Find out more at

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Building a Values-Based Sustainable CommUNITY


Are you aware of the latest ‘Serve The Planet’ initiative launched earlier this month? ‘Building a Values-Based Sustainable CommUNITY’ aims at developing our individual eco-spiritual discipline into our community by the practice of the five universal human values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-violence. This compliments the EHV paper we mentioned in our last newsletter. To find out more, visit the following useful links:

Background - details behind the theme

High level plan – learn about the objectives and goals 

How to lose 1,200 kg in a year…. with zero waste

This month we spotlight an inspiring Zero Waste Initiative, carried out by a Sathya Sai Centre in Buffalo, New York.

Volunteers proactively found a solution to reducing their food and plastic waste, around 2-3 bags of rubbish (7 pounds) every Sunday to save a massive 1,200 kg of scrapped food in one year.

2 volunteers inspired their Sathya Sai Centre to cut out the convenience of disposable plates, cutlery and throwing away food. Food waste was returned to Mother Nature as rich compost used by volunteers in their gardens and the temple garden, enabling the community to get involved.

Solutions included:

1.  Making the switch from:

 > plastic to stainless steel cutlery

> plastic plates to washable plates

2. Setting up composting bins rather than throwing food away

3. Creating a whatsapp group for a team of volunteers 

News from around the world

Each month, we'll bring you a selection of articles and videos we think you'll find insightful.

BBC article - Brazil’s Amazon: Deforestation high in January despite rainy season

BBC article – Stopping Venice choking on its own pollution

YouTube video – Irish school kids rap about the Climate crisis

YouTube video - Joaquin Phoenix – Oscars acceptance speech

With love and light,

ESC team

Sathya Sai International Organisation