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May 2020 Updates

Dear Envirocare Coordinators and Go Green Champions,

This month, we share with you inspiring ways to protect Mother Earth and the living entities that exist in her womb. It is said, “If the soil and its living creatures are happy, the planet is healthy.”

Inspiration from a Go Green Summer Course

The Austrian Sai family conducted their eight day annual Go Green Summer course in August 2019. The focus was on healing Mother Earth and all the five elements, which are within each of us and manifest as the five senses. The participants explored the natural wealth of the elements:

  • Earth is connected with food and the ecological balance of the earth.
  • Water is connected with handling money.
  • Fire can be cleaned by speaking less and silence.
  • Air is cleansed when we transform knowledge into skills.
  • Ether teaches us to utilise well our time.

Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings were thoughtfully shared through stories, dances, singing and more. SSE children explored the Koshas (sheaths) as cleansing elements of His Creation – their journey began with illustrated cards giving thanks to God and His creation, they then focused on being ‘like a caterpillar, growing into a butterfly'.

Finally they explored anandamaya kosha, (bliss sheath) where ‘Man, Nature and God become one and the same.’ Enjoy the darshan of Swami’s silhouette on the lake.

Learn more about the Go Green course: contact brother Christoph, Zone 7 Envirocare Coordinator. Email:

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Register for the Go Green Network Webinar

2020 is a unique time to understand how the five elements are divine forces within us. Join the upcoming webinar to understand our spiritual connection with water! Register here

World composting day is approaching

29th May: World composting day – get started with composting in a bottle

The International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) was celebrated during the first week of May 2020, in Leicester, England, and students from eco-schools joined in. Children were involved in creative ways, such as in a “Hands on” workshops and joining a compost quiz, making a compost bin in a bottle called ‘Rotbots’, painting compost bins, processing waste from lunch, etc. For an easy way to get started with composting, read more about making a ‘Compost bin in a bottle.'

With Sai Love and Care,

ESC team

Sathya Sai International Organisation