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December 2020 Updates

‘Mother Sai’

Dear Envirocare Coordinators and Go Green Champions,

Looking for inspiration in 2021?

We each have the power to divert waste away from landfills and incineration - many objects are small and fascinating, yet not appreciated and thrown away without people thinking of the value they might still have. Always remember: our actions can have a global impact and together we can maintain a clean, healthy and happy planet and, by this means, maintain clean, healthy and happy lives for ourselves and our loved ones!

The InValuable Journey of Caps to Relieve the Suffering of the Elderly and People with Special Needs

Every day, billions of plastic bottles are sold and opened. Many of the bottle caps end up in our oceans, on our beaches and in our landfills. “Consumers leave behind 80% of the plastic bottle caps on the beach,” (North Sea Foundation, 14 June 2017). Because of their small size, these caps end up in piles of landfill-bound waste and can seriously harm marine life if ingested.

Plastic and cork caps are highly recyclable. They do not belong in the sea or on our precious land!

For more than 10 years, volunteers of ‘Mother Sai,’ the headquarters of the Italian SSSIO located in Varallo Pombia (Novara), Zone 6, have engaged in numerous altruistic projects.

The SSSIO Central Council of Italy has initiated the Cap Collection Relief Project, which is organised by the National Service Wing to reduce bottle cap/cork pollution and, at the same time, nurture the spirit of selfless service in Sai volunteers. This enables them to better render service to the elderly and people with disabilities.

Check out 'Sai Vivere' for more information on their projects.

This project has raised awareness among people in the community who now donate their plastic caps and corks of all kinds to the SSSIO. Sai volunteers collect them, segregate and deliver them to known companies for recycling. So far, 200 kg. of plastic caps and 80 kg. of cork caps have been collected. The revenue generated helps defray transportation costs, contributes to out-of-pocket expenses of the Relief Project, and provides some financial support for Mother Sai maintenance.

Participant’s Learning and Reflection

Radiating Love through Selfless Service - Let's get involved!

“I asked everyone to help me by highlighting the purposes. I got kind answers but actually the biggest help came from two places here in the city of Turin. Even moving out of town, I got into the habit of asking with great courtesy and kindness to anyone who can give me caps and return the gift with big smiles and thanks. Certainly my confidence in myself in addressing strangers has increased enormously; the cause is excellent and I am not afraid to 'expose myself', and I have learned to choose the right words. I see the contentment in me, and even in the people whom I ask to be able to be useful to the world, 'cleaning it' of something that would 'pollute it', rather than becoming a 'wasted' resource. A waiter in Florence told me some time ago: 'I have always felt petty and opportunistic; tonight, with my 20 caps, you made me feel generous and needed.'” - Silvana Chiodo (National Service wing Coordinator of the SSIO of Italy and Sai Volunteer of Cap Collection Relief Project)

Cherish and Treasure moments and memories as God’s own will

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One weekend a month at ‘Mother Sai’ is devoted to children and adults with disabilities. They are taken to Lake Maggiore, which is situated near ‘Mother Sai’. The families of these wonderful people get two days of relief from the day-to-day demands of providing them care. For volunteers, it is a true lesson in selfless, patient service.

The Sai volunteers also spend a day every month with the elderly in care homes for the aged to help them get some fresh air in green spaces. The outing is a beautiful opportunity to share and care for those who have served the community for so long.

‘Mother Sai’ also hosts educational meetings on the five universal human values (of Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct and Nonviolence) on the third Sunday of every month for children, teenagers, and their parents. Learn more on the 5 Human Values.

DOWNLOAD booklet ‘Living the Five Human Values for Mother Earth

With Sai Love and Care for the New Year, 2021,

Environmental Sustainability Committee

Sri Sathya Sai International Organization