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Unity, Purity and Divinity in the Trees Around Us

Dear Friends,

 God and Nature are not different. In Nature, trees are perfect role models for unity and purity, teaching selflessness and sacrifice.

The ‘Wood Wide Web’ is the vast communication and nutrient exchange network beneath the ground of healthy trees, it is a model of unity. Healthy forest communities produce much of the pure atmospheric oxygen we breathe, they produce water by capturing clouds and rain, and they convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into nutrition and energy. Trees benefit all creation.

Historically, trees have played an important role in spiritual beliefs around the world. Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s sanctified meditation tree reminds one of the sacred Bodhi Tree under which The Buddha attained enlightenment. Africans cherish the baobab tree and the ancient Druids of Ireland worshipped the oak tree.

Trees help us to connect to God because they are the ultimate bearers of silence. They stand resolute, poised in a state of equanimity, ready for whatever comes their way. They provide deep stillness in the outer world, in which we sense the presence of God.

The full article on trees can be found here.

 With best regards,
 Media Committee
Sathya Sai International Organisation