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A three-day International Conference was organized by the SSSIO in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, between September 28-30, 2023, at the University of Jaffna. Over a thousand delegates from 16 countries attended the inspiring event. Dr. Narendranath Reddy, Chairman, SSSIO, led a procession of international delegates to bring the Divine Mission of Bhagawan to the doorsteps of Sri Lankan devotees.

SSSIO Sri Lanka’s senior officers, Young Adults (YAs), and SSE children and teachers dedicated their hearts and souls to the success of the conference. The YAs’ also put on an engaging exhibition that softened many hearts and minds with the sheer strength of divine love on display.

The conference was a unique and engaging blend of Swami’s teachings and workshops on the E.A.S.E. (Exercise Regularly, Attitude Positively, Sleep Deeply and Eat Responsibly) and C.O.R.E (Consistency in Sadhana, Objectivity – Finding your Purpose, Resource Management and Emotional Wellness) programs, which were designed by the SSSIO to strengthen the body and mind of all devotees so that they are fit instruments of Bhagawan.

A wealth of teachings was shared in the Divine Discourse videos and by outstanding international speakers from across the world, which included senior SSSIO leaders, YAs, and subject-matter experts in many fields.

Many heart-warming activities were interspersed between the talks, including:

  • YA’s Sai Melodies–the Language of the Heart, soulful bhajans from different cultures
  • SSSIO Malaysia’s production Rasa Sayang
  • SSE’s children’s drama on the life of Shabari from the Ramayana
  • Nagarsankeertan (devotional singing while walking around) on Day 2
  • YA’s gripping drama within a drama The Mind at War
  • SSE children’s play on protecting Mother Earth
  • Sunrise Prayers and Gayatri chanting on the beach on Day 3
  • Narayana Seva on Day 4

You are cordially invited to watch videos of the conference on SSSIO’s YouTube channel and read the full report on and in the Eternal Companion, November 2023 issue, pages 36-45, by clicking here.

Jai Sai Ram,
Media Committee
Sri Sathya Sai International Organization