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Go Green Newsletter – January Update

Dear Envirocare Coordinators and Go Green Champions,

We wish you a Happy New Year and we pray that the new year brings with it much joy, peace, and the presence of Sai!

Welcome to the inaugural Go Green Monthly Newsletter. We bring to you updates on Go Green work done by the SSIO, and inspiration to keep on this journey. If you have any stories or green activities to share with the Go Green community in future newsletters, please email us at

Making our Pre World Conferences &
Pre World Young Adult Festivals Sustainable 

We would love to assist in ensuring these landmark events through 2020 can be as sustainable as possible. Here are a few resources to assist you:

Update from Environmental Sustainability Committee

We’ve created a couple of resources that could be useful for you

  • A one page summary on the SSIO’s position on the environmental crisis
  • A booklet that explains the link between the 5 Human Values and caring for Mother Earth

Greening the SSIO

Our focus for the next year is on how Sathya Sai Centres around the world reflect Sathya Sai’s teachings on caring for Nature.

This month we spotlight Croatia, who have been doing inspiring work. Over the last few months they have been engaging in many tree planting initiatives, as part of a Civil initiative “plant a tree, don’t be a stump,” they have been cleaning the river Jadro and recently hosted an eco-friendly national retreat to highlight practices such as making meals with produce they had grown, using reusable dishes and cutlery, composting food-scraps and leftovers, giving excess unopened food to the homeless. 

SSIO represented at Climate Conferences

Over the past year, members of the SSIO have represented the organisation to share Sathya Sai’s teachings at various conferences, including the United Nations Environmental Assembly in Kenya and more recently, a Climate Justice Conference hosted by the University of Mauritius.

Learning more about our Environment

What is the impact of throwaway plastic  in the sea? In our throwaway world a plastic bag outlives its usefulness in 15min... Watch the video on YouTube

The human population is growing by 10,000 an hour -  what does this mean for our planet? Watch David Attenborough on YouTube

Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise. This is having a devastating impact on fish stocks including Tuna.... Read the BBC Article

Please circulate these links to the members in your Sathya Sai Centres, so as to create greater awareness.

With love and light,

ESC team
Sathya Sai International Organisation